Stella Swells

Do's & don'ts




Please arrive on time. 

Scrubbed buns get more fun!  If you've just rushed in off the sweaty city streets, it would be my pleasure to start you a shower or draw you a relaxing bath.  I'll either join you, or help you dry off.

I will have been waiting for you patiently, all clean, coiffed, and anticipating our fun.  My location is well stocked with soaps, towels, mouth wash, etc.  I encourage guests to use them.  Please have trimmed, clean fingernails.

Rates are non-negotiable.  Please place your donation on a counter or table top when you arrive.  I would prefer not having to ask, and I appreciate a chance to handle your first deposit while you prepare to make your second one.

Please be mindful of the time, as our appointment comes to an end.  I have automated security in place, and I don’t want to ruffle feathers if we get carried away, and forget about the clock.

I love having my hair touched, played with, even gently pulled…but please don’t get it wet, or oily, or…ahem…sticky!!!