Stella Swells


gifts info.jpg

Gifts are not required, or expected. 

That being said…tokens of appreciation make me feel really special. 

If you bring a beverage, please make sure it is unopened and sealed.  I like Taittinger champagne, or high-quality dry sparkling wines such as Cipes, or Tantalus.

My shoe size is 10.5.  I rarely wear footwear less expensive than I am.

For clothing or lingerie, please ensure the tags are attached and it comes with a gift receipt.  Clothing sizes can be as unique as I am, so I appreciate the chance to exchange sizes.

I love getting spa treatments. is a great way to go…and even Costco sells their gift cards, so when you’re grabbing milk for the wife, you can always pick me up a little something, lol.

Flowers can’t be beat…just bear in mind what I said about footwear? 

I welcome additions to my ‘toy chest’, especially if it’s something you want me to use.  Just please make sure it is new and in its packaging, with gift receipt?

Please no chocolates and no perfumes.