Stella Swells


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Gifts are not required, nor expected. 

That being said…tokens of appreciation make me feel really special...and cash is always queen (some decade I want to take my kids to Disney)!

If you bring a beverage, please make sure it is unopened and sealed.  I enjoy high-quality dry sparkling wines such as Cipes, or Tantalus.  Nude vodka spritzers are a favourite. Or anything you enjoy - this precious time together is about you relaxing and enjoying yourself, so let's share what you like?

Please no chocolates and no perfumes. I am sensitive to scents, and I try to avoid sugar (I'm sweet enough)!

If you are a PERB member, and you enjoyed our time together, a very kind thing to reward me with is a favourable review.  I am working hard to build my business into being a reliable, quality, offering.  Good word-of-mouth ensures I'll stick around to keep using mine ;) 

And if you are not a review board member, even a nice text commenting on the hot sexy fun we had is greatly appreciated.